Four platforms

The four OpenEdition platforms

OpenEdition is a comprehensive electronic infrastructure for academic communication in the humanities and social sciences. It combines four platforms dedicated to books, journals, research blogs, and academic announcements respectively. With their majority of Open Access content, the four platforms have received 64 million visits in 2018. Complimentary services are offered via libraries and subscribing institutions.

OpenEdition Journals, the online journal platform

OpenEdition Journals is a journals platform for the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1999 under the name, it is now home to more than 500 online publications. Of our 200,000 articles, 95% are available in full-text access.

OpenEdition Journals sets out to promote academic electronic publishing in all disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. It encourages the adoption of Open Access, while respecting publications' own financial position. Some journals publish a printed edition in parallel, while others are exclusively electronic. All journals have their own peer review committee and/or have other procedures guaranteeing the quality of published contributions.

URL: OpenEdition Journals

OpenEdition Books, online books platform

In 2019, OpenEdition Books offers 7,800 books in the humanities and social sciences from 90 different publishers. Books are available on each publisher's dedicated space. More than three quarters of the catalogue are available on Open Access in HTML format, and can be cited, printed, and embedded on external sites.

The aim of OpenEdition Books is to build an international library for the digital humanities, by encouraging publishers to develop Open Access in the long-term. The platform promotes books in all languages and in all fields of research in the humanities and social sciences.


Hypotheses, research blog platform

Hypotheses today hosts more than 3,000 blogs fed by a community of bloggers from around the world. All content is in Open Access.

Hypotheses hosts various types of blog: research, fieldwork, seminar, and monitoring blogs, etc. The platform itself is organised into linguistic subdivisions which correspond to French-speaking, German-speaking, and Spanish-speaking bloggers.


Calenda, the humanities and social sciences diary

Calenda is an online platform dedicated to research news in the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 2000, it has now published more than 40,000 announcements for academic events on Open Access.

Calenda publishes in all languages, with priority given to conferences, study day and seminar programmes, conference cycles, employment and research grants offers, and calls for contributions to conferences, study days, or journals' theme issues.