Elites, Networks and Power in modern China

The ENEP-CHINA project proposes a step-change in the study of modern China reliant upon scalable data-rich history. It will deliver precise historical information at an unprecedented scale from heretofore untapped sources - as well as reshaping the analysis of existing sources - to create a new dimension in the study of the transformation of elites in modern China. It will deploy an array of cutting-edge digital methods— including data mining, sampling, and analysis within an integrated virtual research environment. To establish the validity of this approach, the project focuses on the three urban areas (Shanghai, Beijing/Tianjin, Canton/Hong Kong) that had the most profound impact on the course of modern Chinese history. The project will challenge the China-centered and group-based approach dominant in the historical literature of the past two decades.

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Cécile Armand

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23 mai 2018

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Elites, Networks and Power in modern China
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