Learning to Recognize Democracy?

This is the blog of the "Laboratories of Democracy" multidisciplinary research team at the School of Advanced Studies, University of Tyumen (Russia). Composed of five international scholars from Ireland, Russia, the UK, and the US, the blog will be our forum for regular topic posts, research updates, and podcast. Our aim is to investigate how community members sustain their collective living through mutual entanglements and adjustments, and how — through these practices — they correspond to the outside world. We are also interested in analyzing how these entanglements of interests and intentionalities transform the shared living spaces we focus on. While not attempting to offer a solution for today’s challenges or to suggest a unifying model of communal living, we do seek to provide empirical material for thinking about the connections formed between community members as they adjust to each other’s practices, or as they unite their interests and, in doing so, build a shared space together.

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Zachary Low Reyna

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25 octobre 2019

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Learning to Recognize Democracy?
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