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Citizen science for co-creation of water knowledge

The Women Water Watch (wWw) blog provides the readers an inside view in the research process, results and the stories behind the wWw citizen science project. The wWw project works with women monitor teams in Tanzania to faciliate water knowledge co-creation and dissemination and aims to give women a voice in water resource management. We experiment with different instruments (radio, games, murals, flags, open source data portals, …) to stimulate use of information by various stakeholders and also engage with primary school children as junior citizen scientists. This blog will share the stories about the different stakeholders throughout the entire research process: the story of how the women became water monitors, how they voiced their challenges and then co-designed instruments to collect data and share information about them, the story of how children through games, songs, becoming a scientist learn more about water and also how researchers from different cultures and disciplines work together to contribute to water knowledge co-creation. Through this blog, the wWw team hopes to inspire other researchers, professionals, enthusiasts who are considering engaging in a citizens science project about the added value of engaging citizens in science, while at the same time also being honest about the pitfalls and challenges we faced.

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