Celebrating Ruth Phillips

Connecting Global Modernisms, Indigenous Art, Global Art History, African Art and Critical Museology

Dr. Ruth Phillips (Professor Emeritus) began teaching at Carleton University in 1979 after receiving her doctorate from the University of London. An author of countless volumes and contributor to collections, a curator of exhibitions extending her ground-breaking work on Indigenous arts in North America as a post-doctoral fellow, Ruth’s career amounted to decades of dedication to her students, unparalleled departmental participation and a well-earned reputation as a revered researcher. In honour of her years of knowledge production and committed service, members from the departments of Art and Architecture History, the Institute of Comparative Studies in Literature, Arts and Culture and other former collaborators intend to pay tribute to Dr. Ruth Phillips with a special Festschrift as a space dedicated to reflecting on her research contributions across disciplines, institutions and for her colleagues to share in what ways Ruth impacted their research and professional trajectories. The blog intends to center and engage scholarly debates to which Ruth has contributed over her extensive career.

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Celebrating Ruth Phillips
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