OpenEdition is a comprehensive digital infrastructure for academic communication in the humanities and social sciences. It brings together four complementary platforms focused respectively on journals (OpenEdition Journals), book series (OpenEdition Books), research blogs (Hypotheses) and academic events (Calenda).

With its status as a national research infrastructure, OpenEdition is supported by OpenEdition Center, a CNRS Support and Research Unit (UAR 2504) associated with Aix-Marseille University, the EHESS and Avignon University.

Its missions

• The development of open access digital publishing

• The dissemination of uses and skills related to digital publishing

• Research and innovation around the methods of showcasing and searching for information entailed by digital technology

• Guaranteeing a high level of reliability and availability across the platforms

OpenEdition is part of the French National Plan for Open Science.

Transition to open access

OpenEdition Freemium for journals and book series offers a range of services and formats available for institutions (libraries, campuses, research centers) and their users.

This partnership between OpenEdition and institutions aims to build an innovative and sustainable business model, with all of the income generated reinvested in the development of digital academic publishing in open access. 


OpenEdition Lab, OpenEdition’s R&D programme, has four research areas:

1. An open laboratory: a system to host and support research teams and the opening of laboratory data for the benefit of the scientific community.

2. Open science and society: experimentation to strengthen the links between open science and society.

3. Understanding uses: research on the uses of OpenEdition platforms through quantitative and qualitative analyses.

4. Text and data mining: the development of new approaches and new knowledge on information search and reading recommendations. 


OpenEdition and its European partners are grouped into a consortium that is intended to design a European infrastructure for open academic communication in the humanities and social sciences: OPERAS.

The objective is to offer a set of services to improve the dissemination and referencing of academic content in open access. OpenEdition and the Dutch foundation OAPEN have created the DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books) Foundation to promote bibliodiversity in open science.