MARC records

OpenEdition Freemium offers partner institutions a download service in UNIMARC and MARC21 formats for journal and book records.


Partner libraries can use two tools to retrieve journal records:

  • a Z39.50 server;
  • a set of ISO2709 files.

Records are added and updated daily.


It is recommended to download the MARC / UNIMARC records from SUDOC. These records have been enriched as part of the CERCLES program, a French national initiative involving documentalists and librarians with the aim to work on the records. Their toolbox is available here.

SUDOC records are made available under the French State Open License (Licence Ouverte de l’État), developed by the Etalab Mission. You can retrieve and reuse data free of charge provided that the retrieval date and their source are acknowledged. The “conditions of use” are detailed for each data set.

Upon request, we can provide partner libraries with the records of the books acquired or published in Open Access / Open Access Freemium.

For more information about this service, write to


You can find the documentation on MARC records (in English) on our Tutorials page.


Metadata available in MARC Records is licensed under the terms of Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal.