Catalogues and search engine

A catalogue for each platform

The OpenEdition catalogues make it easy for libraries to browse content published on OpenEdition Books, OpenEdition Journals and Hypotheses and offers a wider variety of filters: disciplines, collections, access policy, publisher, language, country, label, etc.

Journal and blog records also provide bibliographic and editorial information and allow readers to stay informed about the latest news from each publication, via their RSS feeds.

A search engine

The OpenEdition search engine queries the contents of the four OpenEdition platforms. The results can be refined simply and quickly using filters.

The search engine can be found here:

Help using the search engine

The ‘In all fields’ search option generates a list of results using keywords. In this search field it is possible to use quotation marks, to search for an exact expression, and to use Boolean operators:

  • AND operator: add AND between the keywords;
  • OR operator: add OR between the keywords;

The advanced search option also offers several search fields, allowing you to specify particular fields in the search (title, author, abstract and text). These fields can be combined by selecting a Boolean operator: AND, OR.
By default, the search phrase or keyword in a specific field is considered an exact phrase with quotation marks.

Options for sorting and filtering search results

By default, search results are sorted by relevance. It is also possible to sort documents in ascending or descending order according to:

  • the date posted on the OpenEdition platforms
  • the year of publication

The results page can display 12, 60 or 120 documents.

The results of the search can be filtered according to different criteria:

  • Platforms: OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books, Hypotheses and Calenda
  • Access types: open access, embargoed, paid access
  • Languages: list of languages detected by OpenEdition
  • Document types: list of document types for each platform
  • Authors: list of authors for OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books and Hypotheses
  • Year of publication: year of publication for OpenEdition Journals, OpenEdition Books and Hypotheses and year of event for Calenda
  • Site name (journals, blog or publisher): filter available only when the platform is selected

For the Languages, Document Types and Authors filters, you can sort the results alphabetically or by number of occurrences.

For the Authors filter, if no platform is selected the results will be filtered according to the authors in the books and journals. In this filter we display the first 1,000 authors returned by the search.

Downloadable documents

Guide pour la recherche (PDF) (application/pdf – 424k)